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Our Law Firm Follows a Strict Guide of Values in Our Work

Located in Austin, Texas, Jackson, Smith & Williams, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality of service to each case we handle. We feel that nothing less will suffice for the challenging matters our clients bring to us.
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Commitment to Quality
Clients choose Jackson, Smith & Williams, LLC because of our well-earned reputation for quality service delivered promptly. We pride ourselves on finding innovative answers to formidable questions. Delivering these services in a fashion which meets our standards of excellence and value requires substantial effort on the part of our attorneys and staff who never waiver, nor shy away from the challenge of providing unsurpassed service.

Care for the Community
Our firm recognizes the need to give back to our community. That is why we created the St. Matty's Network, which connects those in need with professionals who can help. Each member of the firm participates in this and other pro bono activities. We feel that communities are only as successful as those willing to make them so. Additionally, members of our firm take an active role in a number of additional organizations, including involvement with:

   •  Collegiate Organizations
   •  Red Cross
   •  Chambers of Commerce
   •  Various Community Organizations

Client Service
At Jackson, Smith & Williams, LLC, we feel that counseling includes more than providing first-rate legal services and being responsive to our clients' needs. Our objective is to become trusted advisors that our clients can depend on now and in the future, regardless of what the issue may be.

Collegiality, Collaboration, Cooperation
We fundamentally believe that the best results are achieved by drawing on the talents each member of our team possesses. As such, we share our ideas, time, knowledge, and experience with our colleagues on a consistent basis. We view every client as a client of the firm, not of an individual attorney. This allows us to apply the total depth and breadth of our knowledge to whatever type of matter a client may bring us.

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